5. Nisene Marks Park Race

During Cross Country¬† and track season, the long distance runners from my school go to Nisene Marks Park and run. We run anywhere from 4-8 miles a day. My good friends and I love running a Nisene where it is a place to run out your anger, run and chat with friends, and to enjoy the scenery of the Aptos Mountains. When we heard that a race would be taking place at our favorite running spot, we all signed up. My friends and I are doing the 5k (3 miles) race because we aren’t in the right shape to run a half marathon since it is track season.

The website for the race states all the information needed to sign up. This is some of the basic information from the website.

“The Marathon starts a 8:00am, the Half Marathon at 8:30am; the 5K at 9:00am. 5K: is an out-and-back on fire road and paved road with minimal elevation gain and shaded. Half-marathon is a lollipop course with out-and-back on fire road and a loop that is entirely on single track trail, mostly shaded, with ~2000ft of elevation gain/loss. Marathon (course subject to change): is ~13 mi out on fire road including ~2500ft of elevation gain, and ~13.2 mi back on a mix of fireroad and single track trail. The upper portions of the course are more exposed to sun. Cutoff time for the marathon is 7 hours and half marathon is 4 hours. Aid stations are every 3-6 miles, however it is recommended runners doing the marathon and half marathon carry 20 oz. of water. All courses are absolutely beautiful, traversing by redwood trees, babbling creeks and manzanita and oak groves at higher elevations.”

The race will be taking place on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the park. The majority of the races will be on the main “fire” road. There will be an elevation gain/loss during the half marathon and marathon. The scenery at Nisene will is very beautiful and it provides shade for the most part. There will be places for water and bathrooms, but long distance runners are advised to carry water with them.

My friends and I will be running so hope to see you there!

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