There are two kinds of cars that I know of. There are the ones that drives on the road and the one that stands for credibility, accuracy, reasonableness, and support. The cars that I will be talking about today is the one used on the internet. Cars online is a “checklist is designed to assist researchers in evaluating information sources.” This helps people remember how to check if a source is valid or not online. You have to make sure that the information is valid so that you can be able to trust that website for use of whatever need.


The “c” in cars stands for credibility. Credibility is “an author’s credentials – his or her training and education in a field relevant to the information.” When the author’s name is on the web page, it is good to Google them  and check out what their job is, how long they have been working, and if the website has used them for a long time. If there is no author posted on the website, then it is hard to believe that the web site is valid or not. If the author can’t own up to his or her work then I suggest to find another page where the author is stated. If an author can’t own up to his or her work than the information must not be reliable or trustworthy.

The letter “a” in cars online stands for accuracy. “The goal of the accuracy test is to ensure that the information is up to date, detailed, exact, and comprehensive.” If the information on the page doesn’t have a date published or date updated then it is hard to tell if the information is accurate or not. It is also hard to tell if a web page is valid or not if the author doesn’t state the goods and the bads of the information that they are writing about. If the author states that the information is only good then you know that the information on the web page isn’t valid. When the author didn’t publish when the article was created and they are one sided about what they are writing about, then I suggest that you move onto a page that does contain this information.

Reasonableness is what stands for the “r” in cars. Reasonableness means “the measure of reasonable information is fairness, moderateness, and consistency.” Reasonableness on a web page would be when the author doesn’t use a harsh tone such as “this is aubviously rigth and everyone else is worng.” The author must be user friendly to everyone and no be judgemental. The information on the web page needs to be within reason and not audvious information. Also if the author says something like “what so and so said was competley stupid and their wrong” then you know that this web page is unvalid and that you should move onto the next one.

You need lots of support for your informatin

Support stands for the letter “s” for the rules of cars online. Support is “properly citing and acknowledging sources of information an author gives support to his or her credibility.” When the author of the web page adds links or cites where they got there information then it is most likely valid. However, if the author does add links but the links don’t follow the rules of cars, then the information probally isn’t valid. People can be fooled by thinking that if a web page has links or if the authors informatio is cited, then the web page is valid. Taking the time to go through all the steps of cars may take some time and getting use to, but it is better to have reliable information than flase facts.

The rules of cars are just one way to see if a web page is valid or not. It might not be true for some web sites, but for the most part it will work anywhere on the internet. To read the rules of cars in depth visit Techcellent.com


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